Social Activity

I went to Malvern Theatres to see the fantastic guitarist Craig Ogden play with the Orchestra of the Swan. It was a wonderful concert and I enjoyed it immensely. I wanted to try drawing the musicians (which is always interesting in the dark) and I rather like the results that I got especially with the brush pen. I attracted a lot of interest from other audience members around me, but unfortunately I hadn’t got any cards on me, so the chance to flirt with the very attractive solo man behind me was shortlived … Next time…




I have had visitors, bearing gifts. Two of my favourite things, Fizz and Tulips.



I didn’t like the above sketch when I first did it, I hated the coloured pencil over the top, but now I see it after some time has passed, I really like it. Yet again proves that you are your own worst judge!

Spring is arriving, there are tulips, daffodils and cherry blossom everywhere, trees and bushes are in bud and I might go outside into the sunshine again soon.



9 thoughts on “Social Activity

  1. Alison! You’re back (yeah, I know, you’ve been back for some time)! Good stuff: expressive, colourful, exact, but playful! Just right. Having fun, are we? They are all lovely, but I especially like the first two with the waterbrush, the champagne bottle, and of course the flowers with the colour pencil!


      1. I am having a few glasses of fizz to make sure to counteract any benefits that a hard 2 hour yoga class might have given me… (At one point I thought I was going to die)


      2. don’t worry though, it’s just a glass of Islay Barley Rockside Farm 2007 Bruichladdich, celebrating Saint Patrick’s … you do that a lot here in Germany … strange, isn’t it?


      3. If you would get round to accepting my friend request on facebook you would be able to see the greatest animated gif of St Patrick throwing the snakes out of Ireland on my page…


      4. Ah. I see you don’t do facebook. Well I’m sorry to tell you that membership of sketchbook skool and then connecting with the occasional well chosen friend (eg me) means that you are already on the slippery slope to MASSIVE time loss and needy craving of approval from complete strangers. Sorry Stu.


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