Summer Happenings :2

My favourite Ma and I decided to go for a weekend in London to catch a show and see some arty stuff.



We ate really good food, here Turkish mezze, below Vietnamese Pho…


I tried to draw a magpie and failed. I covered it up with gouache and thought I’d do a brush pen drawing- well that was terrible as well, and now my double page spread does not work. Nevermind, it’s only my sketchbook! Turn the page and keep drawing.


School continues as we swelter and wilt in the heat. This is Chloe trying to fool Karen with her ball of green slime putty.


and this is a lovely cultural trip out with some students on a boat on the canal. This was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves, no fights, and nobody drowned or got lost!


I can’t do a post without an injury/hospital page, or a reference to food, so here you go.



Lots of summer pictures of visits and holidays to come over the next few posts, so I hope you don’t mind me popping up regularly for a while… Regular blog followers will know that it’s always feast or famine around here.


6 thoughts on “Summer Happenings :2

  1. As always you art is wonderful as are the stories shared. This is what it’s all about and it remains refreshing amidst all the attention seeking sketch-posts so often seen online. Well done, Alison


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