Where have you been? What have you been doing?

Well my circumstances have changed and I am no longer working as Head of Art in a little prep school. I miss the daily interaction with small children terribly, but I must admit, I hadn’t realised until I left how very poorly I was the entire time I was working there.  The last few months have allowed me to get a better grasp of my adrenal / endocrine problems, and I am in better health and much happier working for myself as an artist again.

Although I haven’t posted for ages, I have been drawing in my journal; so without further ado here we go again with drawings from my life!

poorlyagain@0,5xdoctorswaiting2@0,5xdoctorswaiting1 2@0,5xgeorgeandpat@0,5x

These two – George and Pat – were drawn separately, hence the weird difference in scale.


I can’t get over the fact that a consultant would label an air freshener, some silk roses and a bowl of pot pourri…

I do go out to places other than the doctor’s and hospitals I promise! Here’s proof:


The naughty speeders reeducation class was very interesting and full of things I had forgotten or didn’t know. I am a much safer and more careful driver now, especially around town. I now think we should all have to do a refresher course every 10 years.


I have somehow fallen in love with Opera. This chap was sat in the row in front of me. One doesn’t have to dress up to watch it on a screen – or travel all the way down to London either! The live broadcast idea works really well.

opera buff@0,5xhaircutcolour 0,25x

I hope those were worth waiting for 🙂

It feels good to be back here on the blog . What post do you want to see next? Some dreams I’ve had recently or the 5 year old’s birthday party? Let me know in the comments.


17 thoughts on “Where have you been? What have you been doing?

  1. … and I was thinking, “Well, Alison seems to have made it out of Blogville … she probably has real friends now” … but you’re back?! Love the journal entries! I’m glad you are still cross-hatching the sh*t out of those journal pages! Love, Stuart


      1. SBS is a good and unique experience, Expressing was fabulous! However, I feel like I may soon need a digit break. So, if you don’t hear or see from me after Easter, don’t fret … I’m busy gesturing, Urban Sketching and cross hatching the sh*t out of my sketch books!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Stu, I agree. It’s a balance. SBS has been so good for me. Got me out of a rut and continues to help me approach art more creatively than before. I have a painting on the go right now in which I am using that SBS-risk-it approach 🙂

        That said, the online world, esp FB can become too consuming of the very creative energy some of its communities provide. Blogging has become slow in comparision and kinda old-hat but I still love it and want to return to it.

        And that said, as the good weather prepares to return to our part of the globe I’ll be doing just as you note, draw, draw, draw – paint, paint, paint. I have your blog in my feed so I hope to continue to follow your art journey.


    1. I have been gone from blogville too, Not health. Just “life”. Must get back it. One worry is, I have such a backlog of art to post I am afraid any subscribers might be inundated


      1. I know what you mean Owen, I have so much I want to show people all at once! I must do several of those ‘back up’ posts to hold in reserve for when busy/dry spells happen. Apparently thats what real bloggers do…


  2. Hi Alison

    Great to see these fabulous drawings and to learn a bit about what you’ve been up to. It really is a superb blog, thanks for sharing it. Hope to see you in the not too distant future.


    Hugh x


    1. Hey Alison, such wonderful sketches; you draw as you speak and see, just great, better then photographs. Love the Speeders Course…..you know it’s me that really should have been on that course….clearly Something I’ve so far evaded!! Xxxxxxx


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