Summer Happenings :3

Even with the benefit/curse of the supermarket and year long availability of food, there are still some pleasures which remain stubbornly seasonal.

cherriesThe summer has been long this year. I find it much easier to be energetic and sociable when the sun is shining and I am topped up with Vitamin D.


Here are a few random pages from my journal, Shopping, eating, drawing with my niece…Dior-999fish-and-chipslucky-gigiThe obligatory hospital drawing *rolls eyes*. I like this page because it is a great example of how you have to practise drawing regularly. I hadn’t drawn for several weeks and my technique was rusty – look at the three drawings bottom right. They are clunky, awkward and out of proportion. After half an hour or so I ‘got my eye in’ and the three top sketches are much more satisfactory. The woman on the left hand side was done last, and I am pleased with her. Its hard to believe that this one and the woman next to it were drawn by the same person in the same session isn’t it? I try to encourage my students to treat the first few drawings as a warm up, and never expect to be happy with all of them.A&EAfter a ridiculously long gap I made it down to Bristol to see my friends Paul and Karen.PaulKaren

Paul built a great open plan apartment above his furniture making workshop. It has adapted well to family life, being large, light and easy to clean!paulkarenkitchenPaul loves to incorporate old textures and quirky jokes in his designs. On the metal balcony the benches are covered in astroturf for that outside feeling!


Both children are really good artists, Tom is only 7, look at his observation of the glasses and the shape of my hair! The keys were hanging in a tree outside the workshop. What story was behind this? were they lost and lonely? were they part of a secret assignation? I wonder.alisantomStay tuned for the story of my Yoga holiday on Crete. There are some rather nice images to come (though I say it myself)

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