Small and very cute relatives.

I don’t have children of my own, more’s the pity, so I am always delighted to spend time with my nieces and nephews. I have been lucky enough to spend time with the Surrey Two recently.


Ideas of parenting have obviously changed since I was small. In the 70’s you were shoved out of the car at the appropriate house, one of many small children, whilst your long suffering mother took the chance to have some grown up time to herself for an hour or two…hairdressers/winebar/sofa+phone…


I was delighted to be entrusted with Auntie duties the next morning as my brother and his wife had to get to an appointment insanely early. It was a revelation. I have never done early school morning before, only ever weekends….



Well, it’s a good job I love the both of them to bits, is all I can say.




9 thoughts on “Small and very cute relatives.

  1. Seriously, I don’t have kids either, but back in the day, we adults were all invited to the kid parties which were supplied with huge amounts of Grown-up Punch… the kids swirled around the pinata doing harm to each other unobserved! They are all still alive… 🙂
    Wonderful sketches!


  2. This is so lovely Alison ! The drawings are just fabulous. come you can literally draw everything – kids, adults, desks…anything! I can barely draw a stick man!


  3. hahaha yes there are TWO 7o’clocks on a daily basis (I have seen both from all angles, more’s the pity….). welcome to the world of IT, where time is “magically” warped…..


  4. Lovely, and yes, I remember the 70s like you too. But we weren’t invited to many birthday parties back then (perhaps 1 or 2?). Oh, and I loved the red tick with the “very good” remark, hilariously lovely! Oh, Alison, you are so good. The “simple” colour range, the cross-hatching, gloriously “you”!

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