My Other Work

When I am not drawing and playing in my sketchbook, I am busy doing projects like this :


A shop doorway threshold for an urban regeneration project.



Or thinking up ideas like this: A design proposal for a gallery garden.


But I always make sure to have my sketchbook to hand to document events like this :


and more importantly capture special moments like this one:  early summer,  long, lazy lunch in delightful surroundings. Sunshine, flowers, wine and a blackbird singing his heart out.




2 thoughts on “My Other Work

  1. I really like this post– and especially like the mosaic letters! Wow! I’m inspired to try that…who knows if I will, but I like that you have multiple creative projects going at once.


    1. Thanks Jean, you have made me realise how long it has been since I last posted! must get one up today. I mean to do a post a week, but find myself wandering off… Mosaic is a wonderful medium, quite hypnotic. I have been lucky to have been commissioned to make quite a few, and I love the fact that once installed, they will last for a very long time.

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