Ordinary/Extraordinary. Reportage sketching

I really like trying to capture the ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary) moments of my life in my visual journal. Each sketch, when revisited, immediately evokes the whole experience, much more than a photograph can do – I remember the smells, sounds, atmosphere, emotional content and conversations at the depicted moment in time much more clearly than whilst looking at a perhaps more ‘realistic’ photograph. Here are some recent examples of me drawing in order to fix the moment in my memory. These sketches are the last few spreads from a moleskine sketchbook that I hated to begin with but have come to like…


A very interesting symposium on the role of the arts in health care. I was very interested in the research about the use of arts in treatment and palliative care of older people suffering from dementia.


Not particularly my taste in music, but a ticket was going spare so I agreed to go to the gig – always up for a mind expanding experience. Bryan Adams and his band were as slick and professional as you could hope for…The humongous hangar that is the Genting arena in Birmingham  was packed- It looked like thousands and thousands of tiny people were there to adore their idol. I really enjoyed the 21st Century phenomenon of the band calling for the audience to switch the torch app on their phones and wave it about in place of the outmoded holding of a butane lighter in the air…




Reportage sketching can take place in an intimate domestic situation as well as at big events. Not all profound experiences have to be big. I am happy to return the favour to my dear Pa back for all the times he gave us lifts and uncomplainingly collected us late at night as kids and teenagers.


I have recently had a fad for drawing men with beards, as you might have noticed. So I went up the road to the local traditional barber and cheekily asked if I could do some sketching. They were very kind and here are the results


Next I might have to do a photo essay on how to shave: steam, soften, shave with the grain etc…





3 thoughts on “Ordinary/Extraordinary. Reportage sketching

  1. Alison, the last two pics here (Adam and Roger) and the chap shaving … are … absolutely …. mind-ogling! (sorry, I couldn’t stop myself) …. but I love them, love them …yeah!


  2. Hi Alison,
    A rock gig eh? And I agree, the phone torch thing is kind of cool. Although it eats your battery! 😂
    Did the barbers pay you for the advertising?! 😀


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