Summer Happenings : 1

Well we start this post recovering from Pa’s fall and stay in hospital, but it quickly picks up!


Fortunately he was out in a few days, in a lot of pain, but improving daily. Having grandkids around helped take his mind off his poor old aching bones.


boy-and-pearSometimes I decide to really practise my observation skills. Above, we have me trying to use watercolours ‘properly’  It’s completely different without a line drawing first, much harder to do. I feel more comfortable with my ‘colouring in a drawing’ technique.

treeFairly pleased with the effect of this tree drawing. Though I do wish I had Cathy Johnson’s ability to depict foliage with a few deceptively simple washes…

I have muddied the washes here so much that it makes me want to cry, but this is one of my local urban sketches, so it’s allowed to stay.


Sometimes I see something, and try to remember it for later, as here with the horses’ breakfast meeting…

horse-breakfast-meeting…and sometimes I am just drawing to fill in time whilst waiting for something. In this case, for a parking space.




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