Dream job.

Recently I was lucky enough to be commissioned to do reportage sketching of an event for young people in care who are about to leave. I attended various  workshops and tried to catch a flavour of the atmosphere and discussions. The young people were interested, the clients were happy, and therefore so was I.


As people arrived from all over the West Midlands there were party packs to open and keep each table amused. This was a great starter activity- write your hopes and dreams on a paper plane and launch it across the room.


The Youth Voice team is determined not to do anything without consulting the young people concerned. careleavers-2




So much to think about at such a young age! How would I have coped?


I met many lovely, interesting, committed and kind young people. Despite their personal troubles they all wanted to do well in life and look after each other along the way. Inspirational.



7 thoughts on “Dream job.

  1. What gorgeous kids! I haven’t seen your sketches for ages so it was a real treat to stumble on more of your work today. Thanks very much! Always great!


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