Poor old Pa

My Pa has got to that age when all his joints need replaced. Here he is last year having his knee replaced..Pa-knee-opPa-knee-op2

Here he is recently having his hip replaced.


But just as he had got his mobility back, he slipped and fell down the stairs and hurt himself badly. So I have spent the last few days and nights in A&E with him and my Ma.


As you know, I like to draw in hospitals because your subject is usually stationary and there is not a lot else to do at 2 in the morning …



Tonight they have said he might be able to come home tomorrow, so we shall see. pa-fall-4Think positive thoughts for us!


12 thoughts on “Poor old Pa

  1. Beautiful sketching Alison. Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts and hugs your way. Know that this is a real setback for uncle Dennis but hope that he will be back on his feet soon and is getting good care in the hospital.
    Lots of love xxx


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