Out of hibernation – Spring is here.

Well hello there if you are still listening and looking!

That was a long pause, longer than I had intended, but now the sun is starting to show his face and things are coming back to life, this blog is also reviving.

Here is my obligatory spring tulip sketch, a quick 5 min one this time.


Since I last saw you I have had a busy time teaching, but I have still been sketching my life in my Stillman & Birn sketchbooks.  The A5 Alpha is my favourite book – brilliant bind quality, takes a lot of bashing in my satchel for months. Double sized paper takes strong washes of watercolour with minimal buckling although not a watercolour paper. This makes it economical. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Stillman & Birn.


Easter was lovely, spent with family. My portraits have got a bit rusty, as you can see here…Its-smashing

Friends and family continue to indulge (or tolerate) me drawing them even when there is little hope of a likeness…


Marc, shown here, did the charming portrait of me in the previous spread, to let me know what it feels like to be sketched, but I am shameless, and love it.


A post from me is not complete without a hospital or waiting room sketch.


This is my friend John, not a bad likeness, but I’m glad you can’t see the travesty that is covered up by the blind contour drawing on the right… I try really hard not to tear pages out of my sketchbook, to keep the bad along with the satisfactory and occasional good, but I think pasting over truly horrible drawings is allowed !


I have here at last caught a likeness of my dear Ma. My friend Katy of the purple hair is still waiting…

You have already seen the obligatory hospital scene above, but I can show you that I have also been out and about socialising.


I am not the biggest fan of brass bands, but they were great, and I had the chance to see a performance of the most poignant song “Go in Peace” by local composer Lee Fisher.

The choir rehearsed this one night at St Richard’s Hospice and a man whose wife had just died thanked them and said that the family could hear them as she was passing, and that it sounded that angels had come to comfort and take her.


In the hope of establishing a lovely long summer habit I was enticed out to the riverside in the first sunshine of the year to Browns at the Quay.

We sat in the evening sunshine, met some charming people and ordered FAR too much food!! I can seriously recommend the fries with truffle oil and parmesan…


Well , That’s it for now, I will send the next dispatch soon I promise! Leave me messages, you know how insecure we artists are… Alison x





3 thoughts on “Out of hibernation – Spring is here.

  1. Welcome back, Alison. I like the spread with your friend John’s portrait, the hospital scene with your ma and the girlfriend of the cyclist. I love here posture, that scene is just incredible. Her gesture (and you know I like gestures) is beautiful. Good to see you are doing so well. If I see a post like this from you once a year, I’ll be happy.


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