New job, new people to draw

I started a new phase in my life in September, teaching art to kids with Social Emotional and Mental Health issues (SEMH)

I absolutely love it. The staff are a brilliant and committed bunch and the students are delightfully funny and very challenging. One of my colleagues calls them the ‘little cherubs’ and whilst they are anything but, I shall too!

There are meetings and training sessions to attend and of course my sketchbook goes wherever I go…


Here is a great way to talk to young children about personal safety using a song. The jolly animated video is on the NSPCC website, or you can watch it  here



Some training is more fun than others, but it is all necessary and most of it is useful.


Sometimes I catch a likeness really well (above) more often than not there is only a passing resemblance (below) I just turn the page. It’s only my sketchbook. It’s only practice.


Well now I’ve told you what I’m doing 3 days a week- having a great time working out how to make art accessible and engaging for students with complex emotional needs. But whilst I have been getting to grips with this, several months have gone by! I still have to tell you about my cruise around the med…

Until next time  xx




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