Portrait practice

I seem to be more interested in drawing people than architecture and landscapes in my sketchbook. This does not mean that I have any particular skill, my attempts at getting a likeness seem often out of my control. The results vary wildly from appalling to surprisingly pleasing, as can be seen below!


Quick scribbles at school and in waiting rooms. Teenaged boys that I have contact with are going through a worrying phase of having short back and sides with a permed top that makes them look like poodles…




This is a rather good likeness of our friend Amanda. I am happy with this one.



I messed up the mouth on this portrait of my friend John so much that I gave up in disgust.



My dear Ma is ever tolerant of my attempts to capture a likeness. I haven’t managed it yet, which I put down to her having a square head. Nothing to do with me. Oh no.squarehead2



With a sketchbook, one is never bored. Waiting is just another opportunity to do a character study.


Tell me what you thought of that.

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