Where has the time gone? Summer is over!!

The best of Summer is certainly past, any day of sunshine now is to be appreciated as the delightful treat that it is. My summer ended in a rush of activity. I looked after  friends’ garden whilst they were away:




I didn’t have to look after the livestock thankfully, though I did enjoy my daily chat with the chickens. Beautiful creatures, as long as you don’t look at their horrible pre-historic dinosaur talons…





My own garden ( a profusion of pots on my roof garden) has given me much joy and delight this summer:


Each griddled courgette has been delicious, each magically grown tomato a burst of acid sweetness on the tongue.



The poppy seeds harvested from Chepstow have been surprisingly fruitful – pots of tiny pretty poppies and blue seed heads .



Gerberas are so jolly, and such good value! This plant has flowered repeatedly for 3 months, looking lovely every day. I will most certainly have more of them next year.

I have enjoyed my summer garden immensely, and might even get my act together to plant up spring bulbs. I do love a beautiful tulip… Watch this garden diary/sketchbook!

Next post : a few get togethers and jaunts before beginning the serious business of GOING BACK TO SCHOOL… 🙂 🙂 🙂





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