You do the eyes too big!

The very talented Vin Ganapathy introduced me to the app Sktchy which is available on iphone and ipad. People upload photographs of themselves and in so doing give permission for anyone to draw them. I love it because when you scroll through the artworks, you can swipe sideways to see the original source image and compare it with the artistic choices made by the artists! So, if you want to draw people, or want to be drawn….head to Sktchy!

Following are some of the portraits I have done recently.

HannahPI find the ones that are loose and spontaneous are most successful. KieranLNathanMAbbieJMy women are a bit hit or miss. Pleased with the one above, overworked the ones below.

ColleenOaudreyFBeardedWI really like this drawing, but I don’t think the subject was too impressed. I left out his ornate neck tattoo and made him look more scruffy hippy than hipster. But hey, it’s my drawing!lowkeyvibesadStuartYes, there is a bit of a beard thing going on…

ThithiBW2I must admit to quite fancying these two (the drawn versions, not the real ones) but I do have to do something about my tendency to make the eyes enormous. Just because my family all have big limpid eyes doesn’t mean I have to give them to everyone. Mind you, Picasso did…. DaveG


And here is the man responsible for this latest sketching fad, Vin G himself : VinPortrait



8 thoughts on “You do the eyes too big!

  1. These are really nice. To my shame, I’d never heard of Sktchy until now, but it sounds like great fun, and has clearly been an inspiration to you. Will definitely give it a go!


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