Heat and Happiness

I planted up a few pots this year (ahem) and my garden is bringing me much pleasure.


I am now washing the herbs thoroughly since the pigeons have taken to sitting in them…


Some nights it is actually too hot to sleep. This is England, it only happens about 3 days per year, so I won’t worry too much.


I promised Sadaf that I would draw her. Why is it so much harder to catch a likeness when you know the person? Is it just me? Sadaf has a wider kindlier face that this with her eyes spaced further apart. I will have another go soon.


Above is a drawing that in no way captures the charm of my goddaughter, but below is one that captures my friend quite well!


I have been having a #sktchy binge this week, practising portraits, so I will post the results next time. Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!


11 thoughts on “Heat and Happiness

    1. I’m so pleased you liked my journal Sharon. I am constantly amazed at how hit and miss catching a likeness is, one second there, the next few strokes of the pen, gone!


  1. Lovely drawings and color washes Alison.. Such a brilliant and cathartic (I find) thing to do too.. Great to see the world from your own colourful visual perspective..

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    1. Ooo, I’m glad you like them Andy, I really like the habit of drawing bits of my life, I get great pleasure from leafing through my journals and remembering the sounds smells and atmospheres.


  2. Love the drawings! What must it be like to see yourself drawn by an artist! Pigeons on the herbs? Oh no! Hope the washing is sufficient! There’s something wonderful about growing things! You do CREATING very well!

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