School is over, Summer is here!

I have six weeks until I start my new job, teaching art 3 days a week to young people who have emotional, social and behavioural difficulties (ESBD). It’s the kind of teaching that I absolutely love and I am excited to be able to combine this with being an artist too. In preparation I went on a course.


Drawing whilst listening is a great way to embed information in the memory. And keeping notes this way is much more interesting.


Whilst most of the training is in de-escalation techniques, there are occasions when a young person will need to be held or escorted. I was practising a sideways lunge when my knee twisted sickeningly…

rubbishleftlegLast time that happened, I managed to break my ankle in two places! So I got off lightly with just sore tendons and ligaments.

Conor and his kids came to visit Grandma Grandpa and Auntie Alison. They are the greatest fun.




This calm serene scene in no way reflects the squealing mayhem of the water balloon hose pipe battle that is taking place. Kids v. Adults, Boys v. Girls, Everyone for themselves… except for me with my sore knee, I am the war artist, observing from the terrace on this glorious summer afternoon.


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