Being busy

I seem to be able to do more and more each day. My stamina is increasing, and although still easily fatigued, I have more drive and desire to do things. Let’s see what recent memories made it into my visual diary….


A trip up to Birmingham to learn how to inject myself every night. I think this hormone replacement therapy is going to make all the difference for me (fingers crossed) !


I have been out to the Opera which you know I have developed a recent passion for. I love the idea of live broadcasts being shown in cinemas and theatres.



I watched in stunned fascination as the country seemed to break itself apart…The ramifications are only just beginning to reveal themselves…


There was a great 50th birthday party for my friend Steve.


I wanted to see what the drawing was like with colour, so I scanned and printed a version onto cartridge paper and set to with my watercolours. It would work better if i hadn’t done quite so much tonal work with the pen, but it is hard to stop when the Lamy feels so good responsive and juicy in the hand!


I did a withie and papier mache workshop in a school,


and spent some time with small relatives.


My roof garden is blooming, the summer keeps appearing for a few hot days at a time through the rain, and life is good.




12 thoughts on “Being busy

  1. Miss you and your wonderful observations ! I think you need to visit for a week or so and have a new muse 😉 xxx


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