Portraits and Characters

I’ve got a sketchbook that I don’t really like, the quality of the paper is not what I was expecting from that particular manufacturer. They had outsourced this batch and were quick to replace it for me with a replacement of better quality. I decided to use it to practice quick face captures whilst watching TV, no pausing of programs.

tvfaces4tvfaces1tvfaces5 Then in #Polishing at Sketchbook Skool we had a great class taught by Vin Ganapathy who introduced me to the wonderful resource that is the Sktchy App, and his technique of drawing portraits, combining a first ‘from life’ sketch with finishing of details and colour from photographs. I decided to continue using my not very good sketchbook in order to keep all my portrait practice together.

Something has happened even with this rubbish paper! I really like the way these portraits are turning out! Look:



I think this one is my favourite so far, the delightful illustrator and Sketchbook Skool teacher Nelleke Verhoeff who then got us to design simple characters, something very much out of my comfort zone…Nellekeportrait…and here they are:


which then led to these chaps drawn in pen then coloured in Photoshop. (yes I DO seem to have a facial hair thing going on at the mo)…


Phew! Well I am excited to be playing in so many ways in my sketchbook. My selfportraits and life drawing are also developing, but I will save that for the next post.

Leave me some feedback in the comments: which style of my recent drawing do you like most? What shall I develop further?


10 thoughts on “Portraits and Characters

  1. Great body of …. hair … no … art … yes … that’s it …. don’t choose a style … go with the flow … you are really asking us what we like … Alison? … and anyhow … thanks for posting 2(!) of me here … I am humbled and …. well … just wow! wow! wow!


  2. Just follow your own inner intuition voice. It will be correct, moreso than any other outside voice. These are all lovely. Great work. I have been increasingly disconnect with SBS this round an never got beyond week one with homework. On the other hand this is so because I am crazy busy creatively so while I’ve missed playing with my mates in the Skoolyard, I am so happy to be doing what I’m doing 🙂


    1. Sorry you have not been in class with us during the Vin and Nelleke weeks, but with lifetime access you will be able to attend when you have more time. I am glad to hear you are working hard outside of skool and look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour when you can share.


  3. I like everything you do in your own style. Not keen on the simple characters. Lost all character!! Keep doing YOUR thing. You have a distinctive style.


  4. Hi Alison,
    I’m catching up here….apologies.
    I like them all, you have your own style which l believe is quite distinctive. The little dudes are the coolest, even with all the facial hair! 😀
    Keep it up.


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