March and April sketchbook pages… a social diary

Well I’ve actually been quite sociable this last few weeks according to my sketchbook. I’ve met friends for tea and brunch.

pete(Contrary to the above depiction, Pete would like it known that he is not at death’s door suffering from jaundice or liver failure but is in fact thriving, and game to be drawn again!)




I have tapped the seam of visual interest that is the Hairdressing Salon,abusydayatthesalonwith the challenge of multiple reflections and constantly moving people.vampirehairdresser


I have revisited old haunts,



and spent time with visiting cousins.


Don’t worry though, It hasn’t all been fun and frivolity, there have also been the usual visits to doctors and hospital waiting rooms …



I am rather pleased with the quality of the line I have achieved here. My Lamy Safari pen loves drawing on this Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, and although I am not so happy having double the work whilst scanning, I do like the look of the panoramic double page spread.

What do you think of this set of sketches from my life? Let me know in the comments below.



10 thoughts on “March and April sketchbook pages… a social diary

  1. Alison – these are fabulous sketches! They hook you into reading about them! I love the double spreads and that turquoise background makes your sketches pop with life! Superb!


  2. Alison, I hope I’m not showing up too late … I wanted to have the enough time and calm to really take my time and look at your sketches and not just rush over them … so, today is the day, and I must say, the wait was well worth it! I hope your mother is doing better … Pete’s liver condition is not yet as bad as mine obviously is, Chris is obviously only a vampire is training, as one reflection is there, WildWood Deli spread is really colourful (surprising) … I loved them all and am glad you are around!


  3. Great stuff Alison. The combination of closer portraits and more distant/background context is very effective. The salon spread is particularly good, full of life and movement from the different angles and reflections.


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