Inktober Week 1

I find it useful to have a prompt or arbitrary theme to work to in order to keep myself drawing regularly. It is too easy to be distracted away from what is most important and find myself not drawing… I had a few pages of a Stillman &Birn Alpha to finish and then a Moleskine from my stash to use up so Inktober has come at a good time. Moleskines are not wonderful for watercolour, although quite a few of my favourite artists stubbornly persist eg: Chandler O’Leary on her travel blog  and the wonderful Mattias Adolfsson,   but I have been thoroughly enjoying just drawing with a fine nib on the smooth surface.

Here are the first few observational sketches for Inktober. The last week had several days of beautiful sunshine and I went outside to capture the light.

inktober01-rooftops inktober02-strappyshoe inktober03-washingThe next sketches were done on a trip to Birmingham to see the new Grand Central space. It is wonderful, very futuristic, but I will need to go back another day on my own to try and do it justice in my sketchbook. Instead, I just sketched people on the train.


I’ve turned this one upside down so you don’t hurt your necks craning to see.

inktober05-trainfolk1 inktober05-trainfolk2

Originally I was going to post each drawing on the day that it was drawn, but I am not that organised, so a weekly round up will have to do.

I am going to draw stuff that is just lying around the house and see what kind of collection I have. I dropped my Pilot Prera half way through this, and bent the nib. Even after emergency surgery with needle nosed pliers it is not quite the same, but a bit scratchy now. 😦



Err… Don’t draw poppy heads in bed unless you have shaken all the seed out. I woke up from a disturbed sleep like the princess and the pea and had to remake the bed .inktober07-poppyheads

Must do something about the colour balance from the scans of the cream coloured moleskine paper.  I quite like the look of my crude little stamp carved from a rubber. What do you think?inktober08-magpiefeather


11 thoughts on “Inktober Week 1

  1. I noticed the “stamp” straight off. Wanted to ask you about it, but you mention yourself, it’s a rubber cutting. Wow! I want one too! 🙂 Gorgeous pictures! Great light effects. The 4 faces are a really great idea, if only based on practical decisions, I guess. Thought about drawing your own playing card set? Looking forward to next week!


    1. Cheers Stu! I just used a scalpel to cut v shaped grooves in a chunk of a rubber – because I wanted it small I couldn’t quite manage to get the cross stroke in my ‘A’ but I don’t mind that! The hardest part was cutting the eraser into a straight edged square… I did hack it around a bit. When I was a potter my stamp was like that too.


      1. I’ve been looking at those Japanese Seals, ever since I read about Ed using one. I love the way you dated your sketches too. The vertical timeline is beautiful, ending with your seal. Lovely splash of colour for the black a/ white pictures. Am I stating the obvious here?


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