A trip to Ireland – Donegal (part 4)


After another delicious breakfast and a stroll around the walled garden at Rathmullan House, we headed off through the pretty villages and countryside in search of art and culture.



loughview02This Donkey watched bemused as I jumped out of the car wittering on about another fabulous view of the sea and the sky.


The approach to Glebe House and Gallery  8km from Letterkenny overlooking Lough Gartan is spectacular. The grounds  are tended with great care and creative style by the friendly head gardener Michael who is so passionate about his plants that he will willingly send you home with cuttings and loads of advice.


pinkflowerGlebe House was the home of the artist Derek Hill and is absolutely stuffed to the rafters with amazing artworks. I walked around the former Georgian rectory, mouth agape, saying things like: “Is that a set of Hokusai’s views of Mount Fuji in this corridor? Is that a Picasso plate on the kitchen mantlepiece?? Is that a Landseer/Victor Pasmore/Degas/Jack Yeats/Morandi???”  Our tour guide was a passionate and extremely knowledgeable woman who had known Derek Hill and was able to tell us lots of interesting anecdotes. The former barns which were Derek Hill’s studio have been converted into a gallery which shows works of exceptional quality. We caught an exhibition of 60s Op Art prints from the collection of Trinity College Dublin.  I was so transported with delight at all the wonderful things I had seen, that whilst refreshing ourselves with tea and cake in the cafe, I absently filled the milk jug to the brim with tea… This is an absolute little jewel of a place and I can’t recommend it highly enough!


We met lovely people on the last night, they joined us for after dinner drinks and we had a great little party. I didn’t manage to draw the daughter and dad because I was quite tipsy by then and laughing too hard anyway.



We said goodbye to our lovely room with its view over the gardens towards the main house,




…and headed home. Until next time Donegal. I’m madly in love. Can you tell? xxx


7 thoughts on “A trip to Ireland – Donegal (part 4)

  1. Alison! What shall I say? You paint the most loveliest of paintings. Your colours are so vivid. I’m always catching myself pouring coffee into the milk jug. Over here in Germany we drink tea w/o milk, so that spares me the shame when drinking a Darjeeling.

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  2. I really love your art work!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful style and colours. I was in Donegal too last year, and I am now wondering about those blankets! They look fabulous but I missed them! Damn! I too loved Ireland, keep up the great work you are very talented! 🙂 I will be following you eagerly! 🙂


  3. What a delightful series of posts on Donegal, and yes, I guessed that you are in love! Such beautiful sketches, beautifully observed and recorded. Glenveagh is Magic at all times, and so too is Glebe House. I loved the Picasso in the kitchen…no better place for it! Not mad on the Tory primitives, but interesting just the same! Rathmullan House is a great spot for eating out too! It is always good to read of my native place making such a huge impression on visitors, but ssssshhhh, it’s still a bit of a secret! I am from Carrigart. I do hope that health wise you are well on the road back to equilibrium, s d thank you for the witty posts and beautiful sketches and watercolours.


    1. Oh thank you for coming to visit! It is always lovely to get feedback from someone you admire. You introduced me to the festival of Nollaig na mban last year and I have read your posts with interest ever since x

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