A trip to Ireland – Donegal (part 3)

 More lovely scenery, another lovely day. (Repeat after me: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”).

I would never tire of looking at this land if I lived here, although I might crash the car regularly onto the verge whilst gawping at the passing loveliness.


Click on the image below to enlarge if you want to read my writing, otherwise : we went to Fanad Head.


On the way back, this sight greeted us :

crowsonlineThere is only so much fine dining one can eat without becoming slightly jaded in the palate… or craving proper fish and chips. So on a local recommendation we made our way to the local pub to fill our bellies full of humongous haddock.  Superb! It was lovely to see whole families out to dinner, and people of all ages mixing happily in the pub. In England, age groups often seem segregated, but in Ireland you can have a drink with your granny and no one thinks it strange. I haven’t got a granny, but I do have an Irish mammy, so that will have to do.




Just along the beach from the harbour at Rathmullan is this striking sculpture. It’s impact is somewhat diminished be being positioned in front of a brightly coloured and cheerful children’s playground.

flightoftheearls1 flightoftheearls2and whilst we were there, a funfair.

dodgemsWell, one more post should wrap up my trip. Next I want to tell you about the FANTASTIC Glebe House – home of the artist Derek Hill and it needs a few superlatives. Let me know what you have enjoyed about this one. All you have to do to comment is click on the article, or picture rather than the Home page, and there you are: witty bon mots published.


7 thoughts on “A trip to Ireland – Donegal (part 3)

  1. Fanad Head and The Birds, I loved them! I love the colours, I love how you have captured the gesture of the birds and the light house scene! The Birds turning to each other and chatting and the light house calling … beckoning to the viewer.


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