A trip to Ireland. First stop Belfast.

I haven’t been away anywhere for ages and ages, so I broke open the piggy bank and set off with my favourite Ma to see what we could see. We always have great fun travelling together – we amuse each other greatly. We started our journey by taking the overnight ferry from Liverpool to Belfast, arriving in time for breakfast before my cousins went to work.

kathleenviewBelfast is small and vibrant, with great culture and fantastic restaurants. We had a superb meal out with family at James St South, where the food was top notch and the serving staff friendly, unpretentious and knowledgeable. http://www.jamesstreetsouth.co.uk/


This is what I ate. I’m not sure about anyone else, I was concentrating.


We did a whizz round on a sightseeing bus which I always think is a great way to get a flavour of a city. It rained of course, which just made the half open top deck more fun as we all crowded back and forth, in and out.

titaniccentreThe beautiful Titanic Centre

harlandandwolfcraneHarland & Wolff Shipyard where the Titanic was built   http://https://nmni.com/titanic/Design-Build/Harland—Wolff/Belfasts-Titanic-Shipyard.aspx

ceramicfishPublic artworks…

The Peace Wall and sectarian murals which are being repackaged as cultural artifacts for tourism:bobbysandsmural


belfastpuband to finish up, a cosy victorian pub- just the right place to warm ourselves up on a cold wet July day.

Next stop Donegal and the Wild Atlantic Way.


12 thoughts on “A trip to Ireland. First stop Belfast.

  1. Wow Alison…you’re back with style me dear!! I’m now so hungry after having both absorbed and read the menu from Belfast you so cleverly brought to life!! Wonderful…catch you soon, missed you xxxxx Katharine


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