Pa’s new knee.

My Father delayed and delayed getting a new knee until he could hardly move about without leaning on things and couldn’t walk more than a few steps without great pain. He had understandable qualms about possible heart trouble, but eventually bit the bullet and had it done. Eight weeks later he was able to walk 3 miles down hill to see Petra with my mother whilst on a cruise. Pa-knee-op

I like drawing in hospitals, there is always a lot of waiting around to be done, drawing is soothing to the nerves and there are always captives  models sat around or interesting machines to draw. I think you can tell that my attention has wandered to the blood pressure monitor in this one…


It is so lovely to see him standing tall and straight again, 10 years seem to have dropped away and all the pain and stress has been smoothed from his kindly affable face.




5 thoughts on “Pa’s new knee.

  1. Oh my you’re good – you’ve captured the essence of him too. BTW its INR not INI. I think you’re confusing it with INRI – a crucifixion fixation, you good Catholic girl?


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