Sketchbook skool – Capturing people, telling stories.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes by both Melanie Reim and Veronica Lawlor, both of whom draw fast and loose. As my natural inclination is to be careful and detailed this has been a bit of a challenge for me, but I have worked at loosening up and getting down essential impressions this week. Whilst out for lunch I captured these guys (loving the handbag darling..)


On Friday night I tried the old drinking and drawing game with a tolerant friend who didn’t mind me drawing her! I like the way these look.



Emboldened, I drew this middle aged guy chatting up the teenage waitress, and showed it to her (after he had left).



And now I can’t seem to stop drawing- these quick observations from the doctors waiting room today. I am loving working in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook, the Alpha series takes pen and wash well with minimal buckling and I am really enjoying drawing with a Lamy fountain pen. The paper has enough tooth, and the lines are more expressive than those made by my usual uniball eye.  I think it’s time I got the india ink and dip pens out to see what happens next!




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