Some pages from May-July 2014 Journal

I was going through one of those phases of not drawing regularly except for work and I was missing it. I had nothing new to show to people, I was letting ideas and images pass me by. So in May I decided to lead by example – if I am always telling my students of the importance of keeping a regular drawing journal, then I should show them what I meant.  Of course I had to suffer the agonies of creaky ugly badly made drawings for the first few pages, but experience has taught me that if I persevere, the drawing muscles will remember quickly, and as long as I do not give up disheartened, I will be enjoying myself and playing again soon.

It is good to work in a book format.  All the drawings are kept together, if one is particularly awful I can just turn the page, and it is easy to track progress of skills or ideas. It’s all there, between the covers ready to be flipped through and shared. My life.




2 thoughts on “Some pages from May-July 2014 Journal

    1. It’s a fabulous drawing of you, I have actually managed to capture a likeness – something that is rather rare. More importantly, it is a memory of a pleasant day spent with those I love.


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